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A Writer's Resource

With A Writer's Resource, writers learn to identify the fundamental elements of writing situations encountered across the curriculum and in a variety of disciplines - from research assignments to blog and social media posts.

A Handbook for Writing and Research, 6th edition, by Elaine Maimon and Kathleen Blake Yancey

Everyone is a writer.

While only a few may publish New York Times’ bestsellers, writing is essential to everyone’s career and personal development. Through writing we achieve goals, influence others, and have a voice in our democracy. Yet, many underestimate their writing abilities and stay silent when they should speak out. A Writer’s Resource: A Handbook for Writing and Research provides guidance for students--and for those who used to be students--on everything from informative reports to blogs.


A Writer's Resource Sixth Edition

A Writer’s Resource deals with the following writing situations—and many others:

  • Writing to get and keep a job

  • Writing letters to raise awareness and share concern

  • Drafting texts and visuals

  • Discovering tools for blogs, wikis, and websites

  • Preparing oral presentations

  • Understanding primary and secondary research

  • Documenting sources

  • Avoiding plagiarism

  • Editing for clarity and correctness

ISBN10: 1260087840
ISBN13: 9781260087840

Copyright: 2020

Kathleen Blake Yancey


Kathleen Blake Yancey is the Kellogg W. Hunt Professor of English, Distinguished Research Professor, and Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita at Florida State University. Former President of the National Council of Teachers of English; Chair of the Conference on College Composition and Communication; President of the Council of Writing Program Administrators; and President of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association, she also served as editor of College Composition and Communication. Author, editor, or co-editor of 16 scholarly books and over 100 articles and book chapters, she has received multiple awards for the impact and quality of her research, as well as for her teaching and mentoring.

Elaine Maimon


Elaine Maimon is the author of Leading Academic Change: Vision, Strategy, Transformation, a widely cited book on leadership and educational reform. In addition to being a professor of English at Governors State University (GSU), University of Alaska-Anchorage (UAA), Arizona State University (ASU), Queens College, Brown University, Arcadia University, and Haverford College, she has served as chief executive officer at GSU, UAA, and ASU West. She holds a PhD in English from the University of Pennsylvania, where she later helped to create the Writing Across the University (WATU) program. She is considered to be a founder of Writing Across the Curriculum, a movement that has transformed the teaching of writing.

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